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Where’s the beef

The game ads show a much more interactive boards like with the growing trees where are those boards Update: guess I needed to be patient on the 4th board it was there and it’s awesome thanks So I looks like you have pay to get tickets too bad I was enjoying this game

Cool game, but won’t stay connected to their servers

I liked the game, as much as I could play it. This is the only game I’ve played where every 15 seconds, a message pops up saying it can’t connect to the server...and comes right back up, but 5-6 balls later. Not a WiFi issue, either.

Over charging

You guys keep overcharging me when I make purchases. How do I get a refund?

Love and Frustration

I have to say that there are two reviews to list here. First off I love this game and truly enjoy playing it. However, I am constantly getting booted off even on the fastest and most powerful WiFi. It has literally cost me at least 6 1st place bingos and countless others! I want to keep moving forward and playing this but my frustration with this issue is dampening my enjoyment. I do not normally lash out like this but it is very unnerving to have this keep happening.

Oh, come on...

The Shylock room is so absurdly antisemitic that I had to stop playing the game on that alone. I was having a lot of fun until then.

Whip Out Your Wallet!

Seriously? This game, albeit fun, doesn’t offer much room for advancement unless you’re willing to open your wallet. I made it to level 17, losing game after game, and now cannot play. As you progress the bingo cards become insanely expensive, without much payback even if you DO win, which is very rare. The options to buy tickets to play is ridiculously priced, and not worth it at all. I’m deleting this game, because I refuse to “Pay To Play.”

Not enough winnings

I love Bingo games and have several different ones downloaded on my phone. This one was fun initially, but you don’t even get to play that long, and you rarely win anything. I haven’t gotten any thrills from playing this game at all. There are challenges and tasks, but you can’t play long enough to earn them. I usually play 3x max before I move onto my next games where I can actually win and build my tickets up.


Looked like fun, good reviews, so I downloaded it. Apparently you have to log in thru FB, so I then deleted it without have no the chance to play. I dislike games that want to access your social media.

Would Be The Best, But

This would be the best Bingo game out there, the rooms are awesome, I love all the different ways to play, except that the number of Bingos per round per number of Bingo cards that are being played by everyone per round, is way too low. You can go 20-30 games without winning once. It gets depressing. If I wanted to lose all the time, I’d play real Bingo.

Great games

So many great games to play and even more games coming, UNBELIEVABLE. Only if you could add more lower prices or some other ways to help you keep playing !! I can’t wait to play more games and run out of game points & don’t have to cost me real money!!

Can’t bingo?

Why doesn’t it count as a bingo to actually get numbers in a row? Do I really have to have a bingo powerup for it to count? Disappointing

Why won’t it give me rewards for my bingos

I’ve gotten several and I don’t get anything

Not enough

I would rate this game 4 or 5 stars if it didn’t have a limit on power ups each game. Also it takes me 3 days, sometimes longer, just to get enough coins to play maybe 2 games and then I’m out of coins. I’m not gonna purchase coins on any game just for the simple fact that there are too many that are similar to this game and they don’t limit. If at all it’s only 30 mins to fill your lives or coins up. I love playing this game I just wish it would allow a lot more actual play.

New Room Stinks...

First this bingo game is fun and the creators have a great idea BUT.... Games shouldn’t require me to double down on my tickets in order to “play side games”. Like the new Cowboy room.... ok I tried your “Double” so that I might actually win on ANY card, like at least 1 card out of the 8 cards I chose to play. Nope. So no wins in the room and apparently the little mini game you only can only collect 7 bullets when you don’t play double and it doesn’t count! Seriously after as much $ as I spend on tickets to actually play this app... You would think y’all would actually try giving a portion of the 10K tickets I’m able to blow in 5 games!!! Or give me back the 1200 that the game robbed me of by crashing during a game!! Can’t see myself spending one more cent until this game starts refunding my tickets it keeps wasting.

Great Game

Fun to play

Interactive? Come back because of other players?

There is zero interaction. No chat. I may as well be playing solitaire. Bingo Blitz is still the best and ONLY one I will play. Haven’t found another like it and that seems strange. It can’t be hard to make something similar. Even the bingo apps with chat that I’ve tried...the chat is so small no one can SEE IT. This was definitely no party


You guys cheat there is know way that you can sit here and all those balls you call I don’t even get a number. I love playing bingo not sitting here looking stupid. It’s a wast of time.

Fun but needs improvement

This is the only bingo game I’ve found that I really like. It’s got a great variety of games and challenges. Unfortunately, I’m only giving one star because it’s ridiculously hard to get tickets to play. As you level up the cost of playing costs more tickets and it’s hard to earn tickets. You used to be able to watch ads to gain 30 tickets but I haven’t been able to do that on days. Super frustrating.

Good game

Very nice game I like it so much

Lousy Game

Wins are too far apart, like 1 win in 50. Game stinks.

Bingo party the timer does not move past 2:28 will you please fix this thank you

The game is frozen could you please fix it?the game is still frozen 24 hours later will you fix it?the timer is stuck can you please fix it this game sticks way too often

Game is great

I like bingo games this seems to be a nice one .. New player so that's what I have for know 😊


Omg I love this game


I really enjoy this game but for the past 3 days I have not been getting my tournament score? What’s the deal with that. Part of the daily deal is to get tournament points and that has not been happening.

Not working correctly

Downloaded and redownloaded several times still sound never works, might be a nice game if it worked for me on iPad like it did on my phone. Very disappointing

Fun to play

Had a lot of fun playing



Why my game not loading I just paid 11.99 for a month but can’t open get it to open Why not ?

Can someone please tell me why my game not loading on my phone


This is a great way to relax for a little while

Bingo party

Good game


I love this new bingo I have found.

Fun game but don’t expect to collect bonuses

11 times I hit collect my 300 tickets only to not get them! Tired of how expensive it is to play only to be able to collect once a day & that not even get them!


So far all good!


Great game loving it

Seems to be a good game

Although I will never understand why the developers want you to rate the game soon after installing it. But it’s an ok game if you play bingo. I wasn’t thrilled that it knocked me out of a game after I got a first place bingo just to collect my “daily” reward. That could have been collected after the game ended. So I lost those tickets that allowed me to play the bingo cards.


This app freezes non stop and will not even allow me to play bingo games anymore because it gets frozen and as soon as it unfreezes the round is over and it’s right back to frozen.

Double charged when buying tickets

Do not buy

Looks fun

I downloaded it because it looked fun, but I cannot play it. This developer linked it to Facebook so you can only play if you connect to Facebook. I dropped Facebook due to the privacy issues and HATE companies who make people go through Facebook for everything.

Too expensive

I think this game is so much fun but the ticket cost is ridiculous. There’s no way to complete the various little challenges without spending money. The bonus games are so cool but cost over 600 tickets for 4 cards. For $20 you get 3500 tickets. That’s $20 to play 5 times...not a fair price at all. I am not on Facebook and I don’t want to be restricted to the lower cost games. I am embarrassed that I have spent so much money on this game to date. But no have lost me. Too bad, really. It’s a great game!

Bingo Party

Love the colorful graphics of each theme, the different accents of the callers, pace of the games ~ having loads of fun playing!

Buy golden tickets

Buy golden ticket

Fun goal

Different take on getting into is fun


Keep you moving

Lucky wheel

The lucky wheel is not working I can’t collect my winnings on the game I’m collecting the card but it’s not letting me collect my winnings...

How do I get more tickets

I love the games available but unless you buy them how do you get more ticket. Very disappointed.

Bingo party

Love the game


1. How can Bingo be confusing? There are so many ‘awards’ and no explanation of what they are. Still have no clue about the cards. 2. The ticket payouts do not cover the playing costs even when you bingo so you are always at a loss. 3. Just try to collect all the puzzle pieces especially after level 7. Impossible 4. Prices to purchase too high. Bring them down to 4.99 or 9.99 but 19.99+ for tickets?!?!


Crashes constantly. Very frustrating. Update: I took the advice to reinstall— fixed it! Thanks!

Good app

Very good app but today it has been crashing and freezing after I click to join with two cards. Takes my money and I can’t even play because it freezes and I have to exit to lobby . Reason for a 4 star


Love the game but not able to play as much as I like. Need to give more bonuses for players to get more tickets. One day to receive tickets is by far not enough.

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