Bingo Party- BINGO Games App revisa


I like this game it gives you a lot of chances to earn more tickets to play bingo. However there are a lot of misspellings. While playing the challenge where were “training”the dog. It said that I had successfully “traned” the dog 2 times. There have been a few others. I would actually spend my money on different dauber or more tickets. However I can’t spend my money on a game that can’t use spell check. Sorry. Just thought you’d want to be aware of this misspelling.

Want you to buy tickets all the time

Game is fun and I don’t mind the ads at all but it is annoying when you cannot play for 24 hours at a time unless you want to pay money for tickets. It’s not THAT great of a game that would make me want to spend money to play it.

Great game

Best bingo game out there

App not working

The app is not working. I restarted the app and everything. When it kinda worked I should be getting over a thousand free coins a day it went back down to 150. I am a vip. Not good.


I just purchased tickets and power ups last night costing me $40.00 & now them game won’t open. Is there a problem with the app?

Server issues

I had this game for two days. I enjoyed the amount of things you get per game you complete, but the server had connections on back to back games both when I could’ve won 1st BINGO. Removed from my Phone after that.


Enjoy playing this game but a lot of times when I get a bingo it automatically pops up and says I’ve lost connection and need to reconnect. Doesn’t matter if I’ve been playing for 2 minutes or 10 but as soon as I get a bingo it pops up and I have plenty of service and it cost me a bingo. Don’t get a refund or anything and usually I have to close out of the app and reopen it. Makes me not want to play when that is constantly happening to me!

Poor And inappropriate

I was loving this game until I saw thT your graphics were a inappropriate. I do not feel that this is appropriate for all ages. You are whores

Costs way too much

$100 will get you about 2 hours of play. Waaaayyy too expensive.


Won’t let me bingo when I almost have cleared the board and have about 7 bingos on the board

Fun game

Takes way to long to get tickets to play and I am not paying real money to play a game that’s just stupid. It’s a lot of fun but like I said when tickets are gone it’s quite awhile before you get to play. To bad because it is really fun. Also I’m not on Facebook and don’t plan on it just to get free tickets. Their should be another way to earn tickets maybe a side game, or watch an add the minimum to play a game is 10 tickets the further you get the more tickets and any of the side games cost 50 tickets, it’s fun until you run out of tickets. You will never complete task unless you spend money. .... wanted to update this game is a joke you can’t play unless you have thousands of tickets, I found another bingo game that starts you off with more tickets and you earn them a lot faster than 22hours, that’s how long you wait for tickets, How about giving more tickets as you move higher in the game, 300 is such a joke if you play two cards at a time your out after maybe 2 games

Way too much $$

Fun game but plan on spending lots of $$ to play more than 2x a day!! I’m done! Better off going to the casinos .. $20 in tickets goes in less than a hour!!!

Could be great

I have been enjoying this game immensely. However, today’s in app purchases (which I bought and paid for knowingly and willingly), totaling over $80, were never credited to my account and no one has returned any communication. I am extremely disappointed, to say the least.

Fun Stuff

This is a great and relaxing bingo game!


You guys cheat there is know way that you can sit here and all those balls you call I don’t even get a number. I love playing bingo not sitting here looking stupid. It’s a wast of time.

Fun to play, but

Always running out of tickets and can't continue. Just too expensive to buy and can't win enough to make much of an impact. Will probably give up and quit soon.

Entertaining, good for memory and concentration.

I e had brain trauma due to a truck accident. I find this to be stimulating and very tiring. My hopes are that this will help.




When the last number is called you don't even have a chance to press it, even if it could be the winning number. This game takes forever to start but is quick to finish. The water level is confusing as it states you can win in normal bingo patterns and when you get one of the patterns it won't call bingo for you, so you essentially just lost.

Great Game!

I love this game. I don’t get to play near as much as I would like to but I have been working on saving up credits so I can play more. I appreciate the free credits and credits from friends. That really does help I have tried a lot of other bingo game apps and this one is the best there is. Thank you Bingo Blitz!!

Great game

Best Bingo App out there. Super fun! Only get to enjoy it for about 15 minutes a day cause run out of tickets quickly. Not worth the money. Very few ways to earn tickets. Only get a couple free games from free tickets. Prices for extras are outrageous! It would be cheaper for me to go to a Casino.

Not a Bingo Party

Another bingo game hustling people out of money. I rather play the free board game with family and friends.

Best game😘

Love this game👍🏾

Better Than Most

At least I have a small chance to win the big prizes!

Greeeeeeeeeeeedy developers

The amount of tickets won per game is not even 1/2 the cost to play. Sometimes you only win 8 tickets! That’s a joke. I understand that you can beg your Facebook friends by asking them to send you tickets. Games that require you to force people in your friends list to play are annoying. People don’t want to add random people they don’t know to their personal page only to get tickets to play a game. You say to play the low cost games and thats not accurate either. In order to play those you still need to win tickets which this game doesn’t give. You can watch five ads only to receive enough tickets to play one round. And if you do win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place bingo you still don’t even win enough to cover the cost to play. You say that the game gives you free tickets every 22 hours. Yes that is true. It gives enough to play one 4 card game or two 2 card games every 22 hours! That’s terrible. You say that Tony gives gifts from time to time. Again 150 tickets is only enough in some of the lower cost levels to play one time. Come on! At least give enough tickets equal to the amount it costs to play like other games! It’s too bad cause the game itself is really fun. This complaint is in the reviews and on the fb page over and over again. Why aren’t you listening to the people’s request?

Getting Bingos that are not credited as wins

I played this game for the first time in several months and seems to still not credit bingos when it should. Today, I played 2 cards at a time. The first game out, I successfully made 2 bingos on one card and 1 bingo on the second card. None of the bingos were credited to me. I played two more subsequent games and decided this was the same type incidents that happened time and time again when I played it before. I have decided to delete this app and I won’t be recommending it to anyone else to play. Not worth the frustration of dishonesty.

Disabled PTSD Veteran being CONNED

I’m locked on rules; they save lives if I doubled my bet I get double the chances but when I get choose it I still only get one puzzle cart it’s not fair. FEEL LIKE IM BEING CONNED!!! Just completed a room and the tickets/money you spend to complete room does not add up to completion winnings;THIS IS SOME BULL#RappingMe #Dont waist time or money game systems are thieves


Son unos ladronesssssss Compré tickets y me hicieron perder , ahora mismo los voy a borrar ladrones

No sound

Why doesn’t the sound work?


Goes to fast. Hard to keep track with more bingo cards.

Best Bingo game ever!

Love playing this game! Very addictive!

Nice game

It's a good game

Game study



Normally I don’t have any problems with this game and I have alot of fun but today it took money out of my Itunes account twice and only gave me tickets for one of my chargers. I tried to purchase power ups it took $21.00 but did not give me the powerups. I tried to contact someone but of course no information is listed to contact someone.

Power ups

It’s a fun game except for the power ups. I’m in this one and it calls for the chest power ups and I can’t get out of it without the chest one. But there aren’t any. It’s the only thing I need to get out of it and move on. It’s also like that for the other power ups. You don’t get them. Guest 143

There is something seriously wrong with this app

I play many games online, some like FarmVille, for hours...and this is the only one that has terrible connectivity issues. I buy 4 cards, the game starts, I daub 1 or 2 numbers....and the game freezes...over and over and over again. Doesn’t matter what city or game, can’t possibly win when it can take 6 balls for it to reconnect. Whatever the issue is, with so many other bingo choices, I am deleting this one...and will make sure I don’t choose another by the same crappy developers


Love playing!

Fast Bingo

This game goes fast and is easy


Moving on up. Next Level

2018 Bingo Party

This game is amazing it is super easy and relaxing to if u guys or stressed out this game will help u to relax.

Way to many tickets, Many themes but no different games

I’ve seen tons of bingo games, I love bingo..who doesn’t? However I’ve managed to get 2,000+ tickets that I can’t get to stop growing, nor figure out how to spend fast enough. This is annoying because I feel like I’m working towards nothing, if I have 2,000+ tickets to spend why would I care about winning a game or even feeling like there’s a goal to get more? Also I’ve seen other games incorporate a fast ball game, or a full coverage board game. This is basically different themes but the same game. Womp womp. More options, maybe with the themes? And STOP giving away so many free tickets unless someone wins or completes tasks. I deleted the game because I really couldn’t deal with having 2,000+ tickets knowing I wouldn’t be able to actually spend them all.


Its fun


I would give you 5 stars but there are to many adds popping up left and right

Addicting game but............

This game is highly addictive but the tickets do not refill quick enough. Unless you’re going to pay out of pocket every time(which sometimes I don’t mind) You are going to be spending a lot of money to play. Also the tickets to buy are way too expensive. If you are going to make us purchase the tickets then you need to drop the prices dramatically. I should get a lot more tickets than 500 for five dollars.

Money hungry

App is great but it cost to play

Bingo party

So far I'm enjoying this game. I'm new to this bingo game


I enjoy this game.

Best bingo game EVER!

I’ve been playing this game for a few months and I must say it’s quite entertaining and probably one of the better bingo apps. I know some people complained about how costly it can be for tickets and power ups but the more you play and the more levels you complete, the greater the prize and more opportunities for ticket payout. Plus Tony sends gifts as well. Bottom line, best bingo game ever.




Found this today and can barely put it down!

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