Bingo Party- BINGO Games App revisa

Great game just a few things though...

Great game! Obsessed! But lately I don’t get my full daily tickets and today I closed it with 2,200 tickets and then opened the app up again and only have 2,100 tickets. Why are my tickets being taken away?? Also today I have 9 of the rare stars and 5 of the uncommon full spots and then suddenly they were gone by only using one! :( I love this game, I just don’t understand why it keeps taking my stuff away.


The game keeps taking my tickets with games I get booted out of... no refunds or anything!! And the tickets are expensive as is...there is no in game app support!!

Bingo Party

I have had trouble getting on the last two days and when I do it freezes half way through so I been losing my power ups and bingos

Great Bingo App

My biggest complaint is they don’t give you enough tickets for as much as the cards cost. The payouts don’t ever seem to be enough to keep me playing. But I truly love the game and app... Just wish the tickets went further.

I enjoy playing the game..

Okay thanks for making a great game

Game cbertak

This game is fun but its over the fun cause u cant hardly ever win , it it don't get better ill. Opt out

Good but they will grab your money

Pros- It's a great app, seriously. Lots of action, lots of adventure. Definitely not your average bingo game. I enjoy the game and see how it could be addicting. Cons- watch your hard earned cash. If your average bingo game costs you 120 T's, and you win 8......yeah, you'll be giving much in nothing flat. FINALLY- I'm adding to my review after reading some of the other reviews and responses. First, it does NOT give you the last daub. I've watched multiple times- not there. Further- developer responds to a note with the same complaint I have by stating, " you can go to a lower level of you run out of tickets". --- that seriously defeats the purpose of the game. It also tells us that you really are greedy. I paid my $5. Hoping to see positive changes prior to running out of tickets because while I'm all about paying for good game play, greed disgusts me.

Log in

The game will not allow me to log in with FB therefore I cannot play the game. I just made purchases in this game. And this is not right. I want a refund if I cannot play this game

Xp credit questions

What are they? What good are they? How can they be used? Also extra bonus games don’t last very long.

Fun game

I enjoy the game, it’s relaxing

Should rename this game to: Give Me Your Money

Sure it starts out fun, then you don’t progress in the game without dumping $$$. Actually, there is NO progression in this game. There are no big wins, only mediocre, lateral wins. Don’t bother if you want a “free” bingo app.

Loving it

Just started playing.


Very fun



Bingo Party

I really enjoy this.

Cheated out of a Bingo

I’m writing today to let you know that its unfair when you call the last number and you get bingo and your not fast enough to hit the bingo button it happens to frequently! I’m not a young chickadee anymore, I also agree with the other remarks that your money does not go far enough for being on a budget,

Not my bingo game

Thought I’d give it a try because the ads for it were so cute. But really...why play when The number of players are so small The cost per game is so high You play a special featured game and practically get a blackout but no bingo The payouts are ridiculous Going back to Bingo Drive now

Can’t Get Through a Game

Every single time I get a good Bingo, the game makes me refresh or quit & I get stuck so I can’t win. I will constantly try to refresh & it doesn’t work. Every time they just give me some credits & say sorry it didn’t work. So disappointing.

Daily bonus tickets

I again have not received my daily bonus tickets today and when I send you a message it is undelivered! Please advise And today AGAIN I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am! This morning I had 942 tickets and was waiting for my daily free tickets to play your game. My daily tickets came in but you blow away my tickets from this morning!! I’m done I have had more problems with this game than any other!!! Sad!!! You lost a fan! Tuesday Here we go again no daily bonus tickets.

Cost too much

Super fun game but a bit expensive

Fun but frustrating

This game would be great except that the price per card is outrageous. The higher you go in the game, the more the cards cost. The special cards cost even more. On a really good day, with the tickets I get from watching videos, the most I can usually play is 3 games of two cards each. Bingo is hard to get and tickets are not awarded nearly enough. I finally got tired of the frustration and started playing a different game that I can advance quicker in and play for more than 15 minutes a day.

Their special games are rip offs.

They have special games where, if you complete a certain number of tasks (ex: get enough dog bones, complete all the boards on the snake game, etc) you will get a grand prize. Bogus. I’ve completed them a few times and nothing.

Bingo Party

Love, love, love this game!

Great game but too any adds

This is a great game for kids and adults but the only thing is there is a lot of adds.


Unless you are willing to spend money then you really won’t get BINGO

Really fun.......except

I am enjoying the game very much and would enjoy it more if I could figure out all the extras. I can't seem to find any instructions.

Am I deaf

Cannot hear voices or music. No sound whatever. Makes it not so enjoyable. Also don’t like when I do power ups and it turns out to be an ad to buy something instead. Interrupts my game and sometimes miss numbers or cause me to miss daubing a number that would give me bingo. Very frustrating. I deleted the app and reinstalled to see if music would turn on. No such luck. Can’t figure out purpose of collecting cards and lightening bolts as well as medals or anything else for that matter. Did not see any explanations. Already spent $35.00 for 2 days of play. About ready to delete.

Too slow/not interesting

Announcer calling numbers move to slow

Worst bingo app

Every single time I play - disconnects - uses all your power plays and it’s after I’ve won multiple bingos. Terrible app


The game its self would be fun except you almost never get a bingo, and the amount of “free” tickets is a joke.


Good way to kill time! I am a senior and hope it help to keep my brain sharp.


Not enough ways to gain more tickets and the free tickets they say they give on fb is not given.

Fun when you can play ...

This game is definitely fun, but very expensive to play. The number of tickets per card is ridiculously high, and the power-ups are just as expensive. Then there is the fact that the game offers power-ups that you don’t even have which freezes the power-ups so you can’t even use the ones you have. As for the higher cost giving more tickets/chances to bingo, etc. NOT SO.


I get bingo before the time is up but I don't get accepted as a bingo. Do I have to get it within a certain amount of time or are there only a certain amount of people that can get bingo?

Not recommend

I spent almost over 100 dollars. But only can play for 2 days. Those tickets cost more that other apps. Fun is fun but u have too spend ur own pocket to go but those funs. And u will never finish the albums get the ticket. Maybe try hard can finish means u may spend 1000dollars. Hopefully u guys don’t sticks this game like me. I will quit. Don’t spend money on this. u will get nothing

Wow! My new favorite!

Currently my favorite bingo app! I can’t stop playing until I deplete my bingo chips or run out of $$$$....I really do have to pace myself here or I might as well just endorse my social security check to! Would not be recommended! Great fun unique games and attainable collections and goals. Very good experience here. Thanks for the wealth of options and challenges. Good job. I’ve made so many new friends on Facebook and that helps pump up my supply of game chips. This is a high compliment coming from a veteran bingo app player. I’ve tried over twenty apps tp date and this is the best hands down.

Please listen to your fans!

This a fun bingo game; however I and many others have stopped playing because of the limited amount of tickets given daily. I would like to be able to play more than one or two rounds of Bingo without running out of tickets. People have been complaining about this for over a year and there is not been any improvement.

My bingo Party Review

Fun bingo game.


I got to level 103 and then it reset to level one. You better go back to my normal level or I’ll lodge a complain with apple


Run out of power ups too fast.


All of a sudden I need hola’s permission to play this game. However Initially it was Facebook game. Do not know anything about hola, and what I have read is not good. So I play as a guest and all my credits are under Facebook. Had to start all over again. Not happy 😡😡😡😡😡

It’s fun..... but a high cost....

I enjoy the game.... but..... I shouldn’t have to spend $50.00 to play for an hour.... that’s even at the lowest cost room.....

Expensive once you level up.

It gives you enough tickets to play ONE GAME once you reach a certain level and you have to wait 21 hours to get daily tickets.

5 stars

Fun game


4 times just today I had bingo 1 was a dbl win had diagonal and 4 corners at same time every one was on last number even though there was time left hit bingo 3 times and wasn’t credited with any of the bingos or even tickets this happens almost every time I finally get a bingo maybe 1 out of every 10 games I play I get credited for a bingo until this gets fixed will not recommend this game to anyone

Don’t like it

You can only play this game if you have a Facebook account


Good game very entertaining


This is a great app u should totally get it!!!😍🦄💖❤️

Money hungry

They want your money they could care less if you enjoy the game takes far to long to complete puzzles and very long to get a single bingo or level up. For some reason as you complete puzzles or level up they don’t give you many tickets to play and tickets are generated every 22 hours yes that’s right 22 hours I I found another bingo game that has mini games so you can earn tickets and you level up faster. Developers don’t bother chiming in I don’t have face book and no playing in lower level games doesn’t help you just want money period.

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